Hushbark FAQs


How do I use this product?

When you see your dog doing something you don't like, point HushBark at them and push the "On" button. Only dogs can hear the device's high-pitched ultrasonic tone.

Your dog will immediately put down whatever they're doing to concentrate on the tone.

Release the button to silence the sound once they've calmed down. Praise or treats can be used to reward your dog's good behavior.

Is this safe for my dog?

For dogs, people, and all other animals, HushBark is absolutely safe. The lights and ultrasonic tone are completely harmless and will cause no harm to your dog.

How does Hushbark work?

HushBark attracts the attention and calms your dog with a combination of ultrasonic sound, LED lights, and infrared light.

Is Hushbark effective against aggressive dogs?

HushBark attracts the attention and calms dogs with a combination of ultrasonic sound, LED lights, and infrared light.

What is the maximum range of HushBark?

HushBark is most effective at a range of 30 feet or closer.

Can I return this product?

Yes, just contact us at [email protected] within 30 days, and we’ll refund your purchase or replace your HushBark free of charge.

Is HushBark only used for training purposes?

If you live in a neighborhood with aggressive dogs and want extra peace of mind, HushBark can help dissuade aggressive animals from approaching.

Is this difficult to use?

Simply point HushBark towards your dog and press “On” to stop unwanted behaviors instantly

Are there different settings/uses?

HushBark comes with 2 strength settings: Setting I for training your pet, and Setting II for deterring aggressive dogs

How big is this product?

Hushbark fits it your pocket and easily in your hand, so you can take it with you wherever you go

Lights for Extra Effect

Dual LEDs and red laser pointer help calm even the most stubborn dogs

What can HushBark put a stop to?